Crystal growth of GaAsP by molecular beam epitaxy

Takashi NOMURA, Hiroaki KIKUCHI, Toshimitsu NAGAI, Masahiro MIYAO, Minoru HAGINO
1985 Shinku  
The effects of As, P molecular source temperature and substrate temperature on the composition of grown GaAsP were studied. Atomic concentration of P in GaAsP is increased with the substrate temperature. The lattice constant of GaAsP layer is affected by the substrate. It is explained by the deformation of the epitaxial crystal lattice caused by the misfit between the grown layer and substrate. The growth of graded gap GaAsP with Be doping was studied. A cross-hatch pattern was observed on the surface of nondoped graded gap GaAsP layer.
doi:10.3131/jvsj.28.69 fatcat:g7zgsgb6zzeinn6ixuiqe2qhne