Potassium, magnesium and calcium content in individual parts of Phaseolus vulgaris L. plant as related to potassium and magnesium nutrition

J. Tůma, M. Skalický, L. Tůmová, P. Bláhová, M. Rosůlková
2011 Plant, Soil and Environment  
In a two-pot experiment of Phaseolus vulgaris L., the influence of K and Mg gradated doses upon K, Mg and Ca content in the pods, stem and leaves was studied. The content of cations changed significantly in individual parts of the plant. The highest content of potassium was found within the dry matter of the pods (it exceeded 4%) and stalk (3–4%). The highest content of calcium (3–4%) and magnesium (0.4–0.8%) was found within the dry matter of the leaves. The effects of K
more » ... ted doses were revealed significantly in its higher content increase mainly in the leaves (by as much as 83%) and the decrease of calcium content (31%) and magnesium content (37%) was observed in the leaves and less in the stalks. The effects of Mg gradated doses were revealed in the non-significant increase in its content in the leaves and stalks and the decrease of the potassium content in the leaves (by 19%) and in stalks (11%) and even in the decrease of the calcium content (52%) mainly in the pods.
doi:10.17221/3637-pse fatcat:m7rwxqlpcvhdfcygz4ju3aifim