A Kárpátokon túli román fejlődés eredeti jellegzetességeiről

Ambrus Miskolczy
2020 Belvedere Meridionale  
The question how to describe the Romanian development beyond the Carpathians lost his old ideological content. Before 1989 the communist historians fought for feudal system because the transition from one mode of production to the other legitimated the communism. Therefore the concept of Tributary Mode of Production had a kind of anti-communist sous-entendu. It was a disciple of the so called monographic school of sociology, H. H. Stahl, who described how the concept of the tributary mode of
more » ... ributary mode of production did work in the Romanian world. When Samir Amin and John Haldon identified this concept with that of feudalism, Stahl accentuated its parasitic character. Daniel Chirot brushed up Stahls theory. Today this this conceptual way of thinkig is out of mode. Nevertheless if we want to understand the past the work of Stahl remained pertinent. It gives an ansver to the question of Lucian Boia: Why Romania is other?
doi:10.14232/belv.2020.2.3 fatcat:2cepu2s62vdpxleif2nxdssum4