Integrated Effects of Rhizobial Inoculum and Inorganic Fertilizers on Wheat Yield and Yield Components

Muhammad Adnan, Zahir Shah, Asif Khan, Muzamil shah, Gohar Ali Khan, Azaz Ali, Nisar Ali Khan, Nouman Saleem, Shah Nawaz, Saba Akbar, Sonia Samreen, Kanwal Zaib
2014 American Journal of Plant Sciences  
An experiment was conducted in pots under natural condition with two factor factorial completely randomized design (CRD) (CRD) to investigate the integrated effect of rhizobia inoculums and inorganic fertilizers on growth and yield of wheat crop at The University of Agriculture Peshawar, during 2012-2013. The experiment was comprised of four inoculums (no, lentil, peas and chickpeas) and two NPK levels (recommended 120:90:60 kg•ha −1 & 20% less of recommended). It was observed that inoculation
more » ... d that inoculation of wheat by rhizobia significantly increased tillers per plant by a maximum of 42%, plant height by 13%, grain per spike by 16%, 100 grain weight by 10%, biological and grain yield by 10% over un-inoculated (control) treatment. Among inoculums, peas inoculum was found to be the most efficient for all traits except plant height where chickpea inoculum performed better. Similarly recommended NPK significantly increased tillers per plant by 33%, plant height by 19%, grain per spike by 9%, 100 grain weight by 10%, biological yield by 8% and grain yield by 10% compared with 20% less of recommended NPK. Interactive effect of inoculum x NPK was significant for tillers per plant, grain per spike, grain yield and non-significant for plant height, 100 grain weight and biological yield. However, it was evident from the results that inoculation improved all traits both under recommended and 20% less of recommended NPK. The persistent good performance of peas and lentil rhizobial inoculation in wheat growth exhibited that this could be used as a plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for wheat and other cereal crops in prevailing soil and climatic conditions.
doi:10.4236/ajps.2014.513222 fatcat:2dc56xicovhi5lhajweeoya65q