The Hesperide of the Olympian Metope and a Marble Head at Madrid

Charles Waldstein
1884 Journal of Hellenic Studies  
The marble head (Pl. XLV. 2) in the Museum of Madrid has elicited considerable notice, especially because of its peculiar style; and its attempted classification in this respect has produced much difference of opinion. Hübner, who first supposed it to be the head of Athene and then of an Aphrodite, thought that it must be a marble copy of a bronze original belonging to the age of Pheidias. Friedrichs considered it to belong to the type of Aphrodite heads, but did not feel in a position to
more » ... a position to assign to it a definite date. He says: 'It decidedly gives the impression of an Hellenic work, but for the more exact dating we have no sound ground to go upon. We should only like to remark that it does not appear to us to be older than the fourth century, because it no longer contains traces of the severer style.'
doi:10.2307/623701 fatcat:mycrwyrqmfhkziogapjyvqpafe