Finite Element Method [chapter]

Yasuhisa Okumoto, Yu Takeda, Masaki Mano, Tetsuo Okada
2009 Design of Ship Hull Structures  
Finite Element Method is a powerful and widely used method for numerical solutions of partial differential equations. Continuous Galerkin finite element method is a well established PDE solver. This article tries to introduce the method and the software to solve the Poisson's equation fast and with high order accuracy, it is complicated as it includes mesh generation, mesh refinement, 1 st , 2 nd and even higher order approximation, stiffness matrix assembly , and fast linear solver. This
more » ... solver. This program will solve Poisson's equation with Dirichlet boundary condition. It utilize the triangulation software: Triangle[a], which is a Two-Dimensional quality mesh generator and delaunay triangulator. Mesh refinement, 1 st , 2 nd order approximation, and Conjugate Gradient solver are also implemented in the program. PACS numbers:
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-88445-3_7 fatcat:v7g326lnyvfifmc4bvosy6eogi