Trafficking of GFP-AQP5 chimeric proteins conferred with unphosphorylated amino acids at their PKA-target motif (152SRRTS) in MDCK-II cells

Mileva Ratko Karabasil, Takahiro Hasegawa, Ahmad Azlina, Nunuk Purwanti, Javkhlan Purevjav, Chenjuan Yao, Tetsuya Akamatsu, Kazuo Hosoi
2009 Journal of Medical Investigation  
Three constructs having mutated PKA-target motif at 152 SRRTS of AQP5, an exocrine type water channel, were prepared and fused to C-terminus of green fluorescence protein cDNA to examine the effects of blocking of phosphorylation at 152 SRRTS (a consensus PKA-target motif of AQP5) on translocation or trafficking of the chimeric proteins expressed in the Madin-Darby canine kidney-II (MDCK-II) cells. H-89 treatment increased translocation of wild-type GFP-AQP5 to the apical membrane. All 3 mutant
more » ... molecules translocated 1.5 to 2 times more than the control wild-type GFP-AQP5. Colchicine but not cytochalasin B inhibited the translocation of wild-type GFP-AQP5. Present results suggest dephosphorylation of this consensus sequence increase GFP-AQP5 translocation, and that microtubules but not microfilaments are involved in this event.
doi:10.2152/jmi.56.55 pmid:19262015 fatcat:p37bw6ornfbz7blfmzqvqhc6zy