Study on the Color Variation and Distribution of a Freshwater Crab, Geothelphusa dehaani (WHITE), in Kagoshima Prefecture

1991 Benthos research  
Specimens of the freshwater crab Geothelphusa dehaani (WHITE) were collected at 60 points of Kagoshima Prefecture to study the color variations appeared on the carapace, cheliped, and ambulatory legs from May to September of 1989. The color variations were fundamentally distinguished into three types : Blue Type, Red Type, and Brown Type. The color of young crabs were Brown Type and changed into Blue Type or Red Type when the crabs reached more than 14mm in carapace width. Red Type crabs were
more » ... stributed to the north of Kamino River, Satsuma Peninsula and Kimotsuki River, Oosumi Peninsula, while Blue Type crabs were distributed to the south of these rivers. The predominant carotenoids were lutein, astaxanthin, astaxanthin diester, and astaxanthin monoester in the Red Type crabs, while in the Blue Type crabs they were fl-carotene and lutein.
doi:10.5179/benthos1990.1991.41_37 fatcat:pknt5zhczzhdnbizcrvmcaxfhe