Poet, historian, theologian: Life and creative legacy of muhammad-sadyk imankuly (1870-1932)

A. G. Safin
2020 Minbar Islamic Studies  
The paper under consideration, based on the Tatar-speaking pre-revolutionary sources, analyzes the life and theological heritage of one of the most prominent and prolific representatives of Tatar cadimism of the early twentieth century Muhammad-Sadyk Imankuly (1870-1932). Particular attention is paid to his seminal work «Taskһil al-byan fi tafsir alKuran» (Facilitating clarification in Quran interpretation), which comes as an example of Tatarspeaking exegetical literature reflecting the main
more » ... lecting the main points of Hanafi-Maturidi traditions.
doi:10.31162/2618-9569-2020-13-1-63-74 fatcat:3dax3uhqifc3vdvxkw45xchi64