A mobility-transparent deterministic broadcast mechanism for ad hoc networks

S. Basagni, D. Bruschi, I. Chlamtac
1999 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking  
Broadcast (distributing a message from a source node to all other nodes) is a fundamental problem in distributed computing. Several solutions for solving this problem in mobile wireless networks are available, in which mobility is dealt with either by the use of randomized retransmissions or, in the case of deterministic delivery protocols, by using conflict-free transmission schedules. Randomized solutions can be used only when unbounded delays can be tolerated. Deterministic conflictfree
more » ... ions require schedule recomputation when topology changes, thus becoming unstable when the topology rate of change exceeds the schedule recomputation rate. The deterministic broadcast protocols we introduce in this paper overcome the above limitations by using a novel mobility-transparent schedule, thus providing a delivery (time) guarantee without the need to recompute the schedules when topology changes. We show that the proposed protocol is simple and easy to implement, and that it is optimal in networks in which assumptions on the maximum number of the neighbors of a node can be made. Index Terms-Ad hoc networks, broadcast protocols, distributed algorithms, mobile computing.
doi:10.1109/90.811446 fatcat:qrj5yxnxpfbgxi4lfypvbwd6jq