A Checklist of the Parasitic Copepods (Crustacea) of Fishes and Invertebrates of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan (1935-2011), with a New Locality Record for Caligus macarovi (Caligidae)

Kazuya Nagasawa
Information on the parasitic copepods of fi shes and invertebrates from the Seto Inland Sea published between 1935 and 2011 is assembled as Parasite-Host and Host-Parasite lists. A total of 88 nominal species (78 from fi shes and 10 from invertebrates) of the following families have been reported: (1). Information on the parasitic copepods not identified to species level is also given, including the species of Philichthyidae, Taeniacanthidae, and Pennellidae. Kazuya NAGASAWA Bulletin of the
more » ... shima University Museum 3: December 25, 2011 © Hiroshima University Museum Pauly (2011) are used. The scientific names used in original reports are shown in parentheses. A Japanese common name is also given in Japanese in parentheses for each host species after its scientific name; 3) the site(s) of occurrence of the parasite on or in its host(s); 4) Record(s), in which the authors responsible for the records are listed in chronological order. Each reference is followed by the locality or localities given in two parts, fi rst the prefecture(s) (Fig. 1) and then the detailed collection locality or localities from which the parasite was reported; and 5) Remarks, where applicable explanatory comments are offered on nomenclature and notes such as questionable host identifications in the original reports. In the Host-Parasite List, the genera and species of hosts are listed in alphabetical order within each of the higher taxa of animals (Bivalvia, Gastropoda, Ascidiacea, Elasmobranchii, and Actinopterygii). After the name of each host species, parasitic copepod(s) is (are) listed in systematic order shown in the Parasite-Host List. Information on the site(s) of occurrence and the prefecture(s) is also given for each copepod species.
doi:10.15027/32076 fatcat:wrhjziadibafjacnazrxsjo4b4