Accumulation of PAH in bivalves (Crassostrea gigas andMytilus coruscus) from Zhejiang coastal,China , and associtated human health risk assessment [post]

lei li, ziniu li, guodong xv, cuihua wang, mei jiang
2021 unpublished
The paper reported the determination on PAHs concentrations in bivalves (Crassostrea gigas and Mytilus coruscus) from the Zhejiang coastal of China, and evaluate their composition, and assess their human health risk. The content of ΣPAHs in the two bivalves ranged from 48.30 to 61.08 ng/g. The main component of PAHs was Phenanthrene(11.08–15.79 ng/g). Comparing with HMW-PAHs, PAHs dominated by LMW-PAHs have higher absorption rates and lower purification rates. In the local coastal environment,
more » ... astal environment, the pyrolytic sources were an important role of the PAH pollution. At present, it assessed the health risks on consumption the two bivalves species,there was no threat to human health by eating shellfish accumulated PAH intakes, but there were some carcinogenic risks for heavier consumption of this two bivalves. The results will provide a reference value for the shellfish living marine environment in the region.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7e27zfm2azcwnjdyqh5g2od7bm