Potential nonlinear behaviour with VAD use in humans [thesis]

Martin Conlon
A thesis subm itted to th e Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fulfillment of th e requirem ents for th e d eg ree of Abstract This w ork extends our understanding of the interaction between circulatory assist de vices and either the hum an circulatory system or mock circulatory systems. The major results depend on both linear and nonlinear dynamic effects, and have significant impact on both the design of mock circulatory systems and our analysis of the hum an circulatory
more » ... m. Two complementary approaches were used, one theoretical and the other experimental. Abstract iii Acknowledgments iv List of Figures xi List of Tables xv List of Symbols and Acronyms xvi
doi:10.22215/etd/2006-06552 fatcat:ctrxlhkirjfg3iuqnshcxvci2q