GLOBAL JOURNAL OF MEDİCİNE AND PUBLİC HEALTH Acute Gastroenteritis During Childhood in Bolu, Turkey: 3 years of experience

Mervan Bekdaş, Fatih Demircioğlu, Sevil Göksügür, Beyhan Küçükbayrak, Erol Kısmet
2013   unpublished
We evaluated 6563 children with the complaint of diarrhea. 29.1% were below 2 years of age, 37.4% were 2-5 years of age and 33.3% were over 5 years of age. 22.3% were admitted during spring, 33.5% were admitted during summer, 23.6% were admitted during autumn and 20.4% were admitted during winter. Rotavirus antigen was found in 16.1% cases. 7.6% of the patients were hospitalized. The direct medical cost for out-patient's clinic was $18.7 and for hospitalized patients was $74.3. The most common
more » ... gent in the childhood gastroenteritis was rotavirus. Viral agents were identified frequently during winter and bacterial and parasitic agents were identified frequently during summer.