Creating A Web Application to Analyze Biofeedback to Convey Emotion [Kennesaw State University]

Norah Jean-Charles, Leonard Hayes, Paola Spoletini
2019 Journal of student research  
Gathering requirements is an extremely difficult ask to do during requirements elicitation interviews which are used to collect requirements. The emotion of the interviewee during the elicitation interview is important because it helps to determine the interviewees engagement in the interviewing process, which in turn, assists with collecting quality requirements. Emotions are not easily observed by the eye, but can be detected through biofeedback and voice parameters. With this web
more » ... his web application, the biofeedback data that is collected from the Empatica E4 wristband can be displayed to show the likely emotions that the interviewee is experiencing in real-time. Knowing this information could allow the requirements analyst to save the interview by making any necessary adjustments. Using the provided server-to-console method written in C# that the wristband sends the biofeedback information to, the web application will integrate this in order to display the data and likely emotions. In conclusion, the web application will support the interviewer during the elicitation requirements interview by displaying the interviewee's analyzed biofeedback data.
doi:10.47611/ fatcat:45il5t62bbg37curqrhten3qtm