Efficient Computer-Generated Holography Based on Mixed Linear Convolutional Neural Networks

Xianfeng Xu, Xinwei Wang, Weilong Luo, Hao Wang, Yuting Sun
2022 Applied Sciences  
Imaging based on computer-generated holography using traditional methods has the problems of poor quality and long calculation cycles. However, recently, the development of deep learning has provided new ideas for this problem. Here, an efficient computer-generated holography (ECGH) method is proposed for computational holographic imaging. This method can be used for computational holographic imaging based on mixed linear convolutional neural networks (MLCNN). By introducing fully connected
more » ... rs in the network, the suggested design is more powerful and efficient at information mining and information exchange. Using the ECGH, the pure phase image required can be obtained after calculating the custom light field. Compared with traditional computed holography based on deep learning, the method used here can reduce the number of network parameters needed for network training by about two-thirds while obtaining a high-quality image in the reconstruction, and the network structure has the potential to solve various image-reconstruction problems.
doi:10.3390/app12094177 fatcat:i2ymmtjz7raojhtiaa5n3jo6uy