1900 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
the spread of the infection, while schizogony increases the infection of the host. Coceidia consequently present alternating, sexual and non-sexual generations. Lühe then recounts step by step the development of our present knowledge of the mode of infection of human malaria and the rôle played by certain mos¬ quitoes, especially Anopheles claviger, as one of the hosts necessary for the development of the malarial organism. These things have been described from time to time in these columns.
more » ... reproductive method first under¬ stood of the malarial organisms corresponds to the schizogony of the coceidia. The sexual processes that lead to multiplication by sporogony were first recognized by McCallum, who demonstrated the copulation of the male and female elements. Eeproduction by schizogony takes place in the blood of the warm-blooded host-man. Sporozoites pass into the red corpuscles, develop into sehizonts, which divide into merozoites. The merozoites may and ordinarily do repeat this process. After a time, however, they form sexual individuals and in per¬
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