Operational tank leak detection and minimization during retrieval [report]

J.S. Hertzel
1996 unpublished
\RES 0 RP 0 lU Tl 0 N 2.0 OBJECTIVES PAGENUMBER 9 There are four primary objectives to be accomplished by this document in support of the ISSTRS. These objectives are: Development of a detailed SST retrieval methodology to produce MAL, Evaluation of currently available technology to recommend the preferred leak detection system in support of MAL, Development of categories of leakage as a function of the consequence. An initial baseline has been established and is known as the Threshold Leakage
more » ... alue (TLV), and Development of operational responses to a suspected or confirmed leak during retrieval for each category of leak. Details of each of these objectives are presented in the following sections: Section 3.2 Section 4.2 Categories of Leakage, Section 4.3 Leak Detection Technology, Section 5.3 Appendix C Recommended SST Retrieval Planning,
doi:10.2172/481394 fatcat:v3xbwym3ijh2xkhd4vdfqauehe