Psitrum: An Open Source Simulator for Universal Quantum Computers [article]

Mohammed Alghadeer and Eid Aldawsari and Raja Selvarajan and Khaled Alutaibi and Sabre Kais and Fahhad H Alharbi
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Quantum computing is a radical new paradigm for a technology that is capable to revolutionize information processing. Simulators of universal quantum computer are important for understanding the basic principles and operations of the current noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) processors, and for building in future fault-tolerant quantum computers. In this work, we present simulation of universal quantum computers by introducing Psitrum -- a universal gate-model quantum computer simulator
more » ... plemented on classical hardware. The simulator allows to emulate and debug quantum algorithms in form of quantum circuits for many applications with the choice of adding variety of noise modules to simulate decoherence in quantum circuits. Psitrum allows to simulate all basic quantum operations and provides variety of visualization tools. The simulator allows to trace out all possible quantum states at each stage M of an N-qubit implemented quantum circuit. Psitrum software and source codes are freely available at:
arXiv:2203.07301v2 fatcat:v2zfic5hofbtpbcu64tzneuqfi