Thyroid Homeostasis and Inflammation, the Physiological Changes of Exercise of Thermogenesis

Ronaldo Arkader
2017 Journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research  
The role of inflammation in skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise is complex and has hardly elucidated so far. While the acute inflammatory response to exercise seems to promote Abstract The human body when subjected to heavy loads of physical training suffers numerous modifications to adapt to stress. Various systems are directly and indirectly affected, we can mention the cardiorespiratory system as the one that suffers the most modifications when we are facing an.intense physical load.
more » ... physical load. Another system that modifies and of which we will explain in this paper is the endocrine system, specifically the thyroid gland who suffers some changes. This paper aims to demonstrate and exemplify the changes in the thyroid gland during physical activity, such as the release of pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines, and the alteration occurred in the release of thyroid hormones. All these changes suffer direct influence on the athlete's performance being a limiting factor for a good performance. Through this paper, we exemplify the changes in the thyroid gland during exercise in order to seek an intervention for these transformations, aiming ultimately a good performance of the athlete.
doi:10.19080/jetr.2017.02.555585 fatcat:dx6sg23u2zbypn4p4ur22zlftm