The biorthogonal wavelets that are redundant-free and nearly shift-insensitive

Hongli Shi, Shuqian Luo
2012 EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing  
It is well known that discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is sensitive to shift, which means a slight shift of feature in the original signal may cause unpredictable changes in the analysis subbands. Some modified versions of DWT can reduce the shift sensitivity, however, they are all redundant. In this article, we shows the shift sensitivity is caused by the aliasing terms formed in the downsampling operation during analysis process. A novel scheme for the design of wavelet is proposed to reduce
more » ... proposed to reduce the effect of aliasing terms as much as possible in the general framework of DWT. A few of biorthogonal wavelets have been designed and applied in the simulation examples. The results of examples demonstrate the efficiency of the designed wavelets in the term of shift insensitivity and nonredundancy.
doi:10.1186/1687-5281-2012-14 fatcat:anjsubrm2rgkvkkyvj6sy4ifvu