Luhputu Wrasiati, I Made, Anomsutrisna Wijaya, Ni Wiagustini
2017 International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research   unpublished
One of the local food that is currently consumed and developed in Bali is Ledok. Ledok is a non rice food with main ingredients of corn, cassava, red beans and peanuts are boiled and added green vegetables, and spices. Today Ledok has been developed into Ledok instant. This product is popular because it meets local tastes, practical, and has a long shelf life of six months. Instant ledok needs to be commercialized into a typical Bali local food product that is able to compete with other
more » ... products already available in the market. In this study the selection of the bucket packaging was chosen to increase the added value and commercialization of the product. The method used to determine the packaging priority used for Ledok instant is Analytical Hierarchy Process. Criteria used in the selection of packaging types are raw materials, price, strength, flexibility, appearance, environmentally friendly. Alternatives of this type of packaging are the types of packaging commonly used for food products such as paper, plastic, aluminum foil, paper and plastic combination, aluminum foil and plastic, cans, styrofoam and glass. The global priority for this type of packaging is a plastic-paper combination with a value of 1,360. The agreed criteria for packaging form are practicality, strength, price, and appearance. The alternatives chosen for the packaging form are pouch, bag, round, box, bottle, and bowl. The global priority for packaging is the pouch, with a score of 1,671. The appropriate type and form of packaging for Ledok Instant as a local Balinese food has never been studied before. So the findings of this research can increase the added value of developed Ledok instant