Characterization of Single-Tryptophan Mutants of Histidine-Containing Phosphocarrier Protein: Evidence for Local Rearrangements during Folding from High Concentrations of Denaturant†

Ana I. Azuaga, Denis Canet, Gerard Smeenk, Roel Berends, Fritz Titgemeijer, Ria Duurkens, Pedro L. Mateo, Ruud M. Scheek, George T. Robillard, Christopher M. Dobson, Nico A. J. van Nuland
2003 Biochemistry  
FIGURE 7: Stopped-flow fluorescence intensity and anisotropy traces characterizing the refolding of the four single-tryptophan mutants of HPr in 0.54 M GdnHCl at 20°C and pH 7.0. The fits resulting from the global analysis (see Materials and Methods) are displayed.
doi:10.1021/bi027182p pmid:12718529 fatcat:ksib43n2wzfnxda6k3izh7d5qq