Energy-Efficient Quorum-Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

L. Sherly Puspha Annabel, K. Murugan
2015 ETRI Journal  
The reliability of sensor networks is generally dependent on the battery power of the sensor nodes that it employs; hence it is crucial for the sensor nodes to efficiently use their battery resources. This research paper presents a method to increase the reliability of sensor nodes by constructing a connected dominating tree (CDT), which is a subnetwork of wireless sensor networks. It detects the minimum number of dominatees, dominators, forwarder sensor nodes, and aggregates, as well as
more » ... tting data to the sink. A new medium access control (MAC) protocol, called Homogenous Quorum-Based Medium Access Control (HQMAC), is also introduced, which is an adaptive, homogenous, asynchronous quorum-based MAC protocol. In this protocol, certain sensor nodes belonging to a network will be allowed to tune their wakeup and sleep intervals, based on their own traffic load. A new quorum system, named BiQuorum, is used by HQMAC to provide a low duty cycle, low network sensibility, and a high number of rendezvous points when compared with other quorum systems such as grid and dygrid. Both the theoretical results and the simulation results proved that the proposed HQMAC (when applied to a CDT) facilitates low transmission latency, high delivery ratio, and low energy consumption, thus extending the lifetime of the network it serves.
doi:10.4218/etrij.15.0114.0688 fatcat:nhcx3gyqffgdxc5c75j5xnw7fy