Ruido de la aviación militar y sus efectos sobre el corazón de las tripulaciones y personal de tierra [thesis]

Fredesvinda M. Méndez Castillo
In the last years, some of the factors contributing to human mortality rate are cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, new factors such as environmental noise have now added to the equation. On top of this, there is lack of scientific work that actually proves the connection between heart diseases and noise impact. Instead, research has been devoted to demonstrate auditory route as the means through which neuro-hormonal changes are induced, resulting in cardiovascular variation. Pathologies
more » ... tly studied in aviation medicine are related to pressure, altitude, acceleration, and the relationship between circadian rhythm, time zones and subjects' immobility, during long flights. But what is the case for subjects exposed to airplane noise during working hours? Statistics show that most of these subjects' main cause of impairment is due to cardiac pathologies. So, noise might be presumed as a factor of risk for the heart. For this reason, in this thesis the non-auditory effects of noise and its potential role as cardiac pathology generator, caused by military aircrafts on crew members and ground maintenance staff, is analyzed. This research was possible thanks to the Venezuelan Military Air Force authorization in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. The experimental phase of the study was developed considering three variables, sonic characterization of each source of noise, cardiovascular test and psychoacoustic study on subjects of the sample. The subject sample was made according to the kind of aircraft they work with; thus, having the following groups: 1. Caza 12 with VF-5 aircraft; 2. Caza 16 with F-16 aircraft, and 3. Core 4 with Sky truck M28 aircraft and Bell 206 and 412 helicopters.
doi:10.20868/upm.thesis.3707 fatcat:l7vqppnovzhqpftef234titphi