The Role of Modelling of Road Unevennesses in Vehicle Dynamics

Stefan Segla, Jan Kampo
It is well known that the dynamic behaviour of a vehicle is affected by the design parameters of its suspension system, especially by the stiffnesses of the suspension springs, damping coefficients and tire stiffnesses. Another important factor influencing vehicle vibration is kinematic excitation caused by uneven roads. It may significantly affect the comfort of the driver and passengers, safety of the ride and relative displacements between the sprung and unsprung masses. The paper presents
more » ... thematical models of both deterministic and random road unevennesses and numerical simulation of vertical dynamics of planar vehicle models with kinematic excitation caused by these road unevennesses. When examining transient phenomena, standardized obstacles according to STN 30 0560, resp. EU Directive 85/3/EW6-III are applied. Random unevennesses can be obtained experimentally, or generated by the Shinozuka method to create the mathematical model of an uneven road with a specified power spectral density. Actual vehicle prototypes need to be tested on test circuits with different surfaces.
doi:10.21062/ujep/64.2018/a/1213-2489/mt/18/1/124 fatcat:4fodlkzsmbexfk7ow4ajbgqhpy