Rotor strength analysis for high-speed segmented surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machines

Liang-Liang Chen, Chang-Sheng Zhu, Zhixian Zhong, Bin Liu, Anping Wan
2018 IET electric power applications  
This study is concerned with the unified analytical solution of rotor strength for the segmented permanent magnet (PM) rotor retained by the carbon-fibre sleeve and non-magnetic alloy sleeve in high-speed surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machine. Considering the influence of different densities and coefficients of thermal expansion of PMs and pole fillers on rotor stress, the analytical solution for rotor strength was proposed based on displacement method and stress potential method
more » ... in polar coordinate. The proposed analytical solution was validated by the finite-element method (FEM) and experiment, respectively, and the influences of rotational speed, retaining sleeve thickness and interference fit between the retaining sleeve and PMs on rotor strength were further investigated based on the analytical solution proposed. It is shown that the results calculated by the proposed analytical solution and the FEM are in good agreement with each other, and the analytical solution can accurately predict the stress distributions of the segmented PM rotor retained by the carbon-fibre sleeve and non-magnetic alloy sleeve. The difference in density and coefficient of thermal expansion between PM and pole filler, rotational speed and operating temperature have great effects on rotor strength.
doi:10.1049/iet-epa.2017.0686 fatcat:5zaakhztz5d4lojzijxdepoezm