On the Structural Behaviour to Penetration of Striking Bow under Collision Incidents between Two Ships

A. R. Prabowo, H. Nubli, J. M. Sohn
2019 International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering  
This work addressed the evaluation of collision angle and indenter on the behaviour of target object. A series of collision scenarios based on the mentioned parameters were calculated using finite element method. In the analysis process, several striking ships of different sizes relative to the struck ship are deployed as the collision angles ranging from 0° to 180° are taken into consideration. The results relative to the angles show that the perpendicular collision or a collision angle of 90°
more » ... lision angle of 90° produces the lowest level of the internal energy in the side collision category by comparison with oblique collisions in the range of collision angles from 30° to 150°. The internal energy is found to be satisfactory when it is compared with the extent of the damage on the outer shell, which is also matched with the predicted energy behaviour from energy formulae.
doi:10.15282/ijame.16.4.2019.19.0553 fatcat:zahnf6vn4nduzmtzf5fx2k6kdq