Apseudopsis adami, a new species of tanaidacean (Crustacea: Peracarida) from the NW Iberian Peninsula: postmarsupial development and remarks on morphological characters

P. Esquete, R. N. Bamber, J. Moreira, J. S. Troncoso
2012 Helgoland Marine Research  
A new species of apseudomorph tanaidacean, Apseudopsis adami sp. nov., is described, including intraspecific variation, from specimens collected in the seagrass meadows of O Grove inlet (NW Iberian Peninsula, NE Atlantic). The new species is characterized by the unique combination of the following characters: pointed rostrum with rounded shoulders, four ventral propodal spines on pereopod 1, and posterolateral pointed apophyses on pereonites 2-5, regardless of the developmental stage of the
more » ... vidual. Two juvenile stages were identified before reaching maturity; early juvenile limbs are scarcely ornamented in comparison to the adults. Advanced juveniles represent the vast majority of the studied population, and the limb ornamentation is similar to that of the adults. Males show two different cheliped morphologies. After a preparatory stage, females pass through a sequence of copulatory instars followed by intermediate stages in which the female loses the ovisac after manca release. The number of segments of the antennular and antennal flagella and uropod endopods, as well as the development and ornamentation of the mandibular palp, are meristic changes that occur during development and allow rapid identification of the developmental instar.
doi:10.1007/s10152-012-0295-2 fatcat:nugzlkdwzndgtjhpwnti6wkv74