Survey Study of the Cultural Integration of International Students in East China under Ecosystem Theory

Junqi Zhu, Guangxia Li, Ming Wan, Shanshan Li, Liyan Sun, Jie Li, Xue Wang
2022 Sustainability  
With the gradual formation of the open pattern of higher education, the issue of the cultural integration of international students has attracted increasing attention. This paper conducts a questionnaire survey of 2000 international students in East China and used factor analysis and structural equation modeling to determine the effects of life adaptation, interpersonal communication, and the training system on cultural integration, with possible moderation by study adaptation to explore the
more » ... tural integration of international students. The study found that the cultural integration of international students is jointly affected by multiple realistic factors, among which life adaptation and interpersonal communication are the primary factors. Furthermore, the training system has an important impact on the cultural integration of international students through study adaptation. Accordingly, we argue that universities should strengthen the informal organization and guidance of international students, enhance individual adaptability, promote international exchange, cooperation, and policy regulation of international students, and improve their training system. Moreover, efforts are needed to improve the study adaptability of international students so as to comprehensively address the problem of the cultural integration of international students and improve their education level.
doi:10.3390/su142114485 fatcat:qmiqwbqqjjh7hmow2pedougbqi