Implementing nonlinear Compton scattering beyond the local-constant-field approximation

A. Di Piazza, M. Tamburini, S. Meuren, C. H. Keitel
2018 Physical Review A  
In the calculation of probabilities of physical processes occurring in a background classical field, the local constant field approximation (LCFA) relies on the possibility of neglecting the space-time variation of the external field within the region of formation of the process. This approximation is widely employed in strong-field QED as it allows to evaluate probabilities of processes occurring in arbitrary electromagnetic fields starting from the corresponding quantities computed in a
more » ... nt electromagnetic field. Here, we demonstrate in the case of nonlinear single Compton scattering that the LCFA is quantitatively and qualitatively insufficient for describing the low-energy part of the emitted photon probability. In addition, we provide a simple recipe to implement an improved expression of the photon emission probability beyond the LCFA in numerical codes, which are an essential tool to interpret present and upcoming experiments in strong-field QED.
doi:10.1103/physreva.98.012134 fatcat:k7kucr7etrggnb4budpl2uoo3m