Studies in Position and Mobility of the H Atoms in Hydrous Micas

I. Th. Rosenqvist
1962 Clays and clay minerals  
The hydrogen content of dioctahedral and trioetahedraI micas has been investigated by means of infrared spectroscopy and radioaetivo measurements. Dioetahedral and trioetahedral micas have been treated with deuterium oxide and trilAum-bearing water. The introduced isotopes of hydrogen have been determined after various thermal treatments. It is concluded that dioctahedral hydrous micas may represent mixed crystals between K(Si3A1)A12010(OH)s and H20(Si3A1)A1209(OH)s, whereas trioctahedral micas
more » ... trioctahedral micas seem to represent mixed layer minerals between phlogopite and vermiculite.
doi:10.1346/ccmn.1962.0110112 fatcat:mt3tbnsiszfpncc3fccbbhfchq