Establishment of Redispersion Technology on Slurry-Based 3DP Process

ScottA. UHLAND, RichardK. HOLMAN, Yasushi ENOKIDO, Hiroyasu TSUCHIYA, Michael J. CIMA, Emanuel M. SACHS, Shigekazu SUMITA
2000 Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan  
Abstracts Three Dimensional Printing (3DPTM) is an outstanding method for fabricating complex 3D-shaped parts, that cannot be obtained by the conventional methods such as dry press, sheet stack, tape casting, and so on. In order to accomplish green part retrieval from ceramic powder-bed, it is indispensable to study redispersion technology. For the purpose, the effects of redispersion on Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, and MR2 ceramic powder beds were investigated with special reference to the molecular
more » ... ht and concentration of various poly ethylene glycol (PEG) as organic dispersants. Furthermore, redispersion phenomena were discussed in terms of chemical potential and osmotic pressure between powder bed and solvent. The experimental results were estimated with Flory-Huggins and van't Hoff theories. Under the appropriate redispersing conditions, it is emphasized that different types of electronics parts were obtained at the same time in one powder bed eventually.
doi:10.5188/jsmerj.13.64 fatcat:ys7otbqjdzfrnges6njv6ujnv4