Smart Forest Farming using Iot

One-third of our country's income is derived from agriculture. Due to the presence of many fertile lands and deltas, India has always been one of the largest producers of food. Agriculture is the means of living for people in India. Due to many constraints, the country's revenue from agriculture is always getting decreased. These barriers include sudden rain, fire damage, and loss of crops by animals, lack of capital and proper irrigation facilities and so on. One step resolution for this
more » ... m is to innovate traditional farming with some modern technologies especially in the forest areas. Automation in agriculture helps in solving the problems in farming. Internet of Things (IoT)'s intervention in farming can give a solution so that it reduces the problems faced by farmers in our country. IoT is a framework that deals with communication between things and these things include sensors, actuators and other digital machines. The proposed system consists of smoke sensor, soil moisture sensor and ultrasonic sensor, to understand events or changes in the environment such as soil moisture level, environmental conditions like presence of fire and the presence of animals in agricultural areas and send this information for further processing. Hence proper water pumping based on the soil moisture level, sprinkling of water to control the fire damage, activation of control mechanism to prevent the entry of animals into the fields, spraying of pesticides to control pests can be done. Therefore, this system mitigates the losses in agriculture in a better way and assures that this can contribute better yields, particularly near forest areas as the possibility of destruction by animals is high.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.e2617.039520 fatcat:rxu4sdplvzdx5hhu6wvfqw3qgy