ADAN: a database for prediction of protein-protein interaction of modular domains mediated by linear motifs

J. A. Encinar, G. Fernandez-Ballester, I. E. Sanchez, E. Hurtado-Gomez, F. Stricher, P. Beltrao, L. Serrano
2009 Bioinformatics  
Motivation: Most of the structures and functions of proteome globular domains are yet unknown. We can use high-resolution structures from different modular domains in combination with automatic protein design algorithms to predict genome-wide potential interactions of a protein. ADAN database and related web tools are online resources for the predictive analysis of liganddomain complexes. ADAN database is a collection of different modular protein domains (SH2, SH3, PDZ, WW, etc.). It contains
more » ... 05 entries with extensive structural and functional information available, manually integrated, curated and annotated with cross-references to other databases, biochemical and thermodynamical data, simplified coordinate files, sequence files and alignments. Prediadan, a subset of ADAN database, offers position-specific scoring matrices for protein-protein interactions, calculated by FoldX, and predictions of optimum ligands and putative binding partners. Users can also scan a query sequence against selected matrices, or improve a ligand-domain interaction. Availability: ADAN is accessible at
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btp424 pmid:19602529 fatcat:bmfxjx4injhbbel2ax7taehtay