Integrating AVHRR satellite data and NOAA ground observations to predict surface air temperature: a statistical approach

E. N. Florio, S. R. Lele, Y. Chi Chang, R. Sterner, G. E. Glass
2004 International Journal of Remote Sensing  
Ground station temperature data are not commonly used simultaneously with the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) to model and predict air temperature or land surface temperature. Technology was developed to acquire near-synchronous datasets over a 1 000 000 km 2 region with the goal of improving the measurement of air temperature at the surface. This study compares several statistical approaches that combine a simple AVHRR split window algorithm with ground meterological station
more » ... servations in the prediction of air temperature. Three spatially dependent (kriging) models were examined, along with their non-spatial counterparts (multiple linear regressions). Cross-validation showed that the kriging models predicted temperature better (an average of 0.9 ‡C error) than the multiple regression models (an average of 1.4 ‡C error). The three different kriging strategies performed similarly when compared to each other. Errors from kriging models were unbiased while regression models tended to give biased predicted values. Modest improvements seen after combining the data sources suggest that, in addition to air temperature modelling, the approach may be useful in land surface temperature modelling.
doi:10.1080/01431160310001624593 fatcat:6wndjxggczg5jow7vsbipjln4q