Authority of Land Procurement Committee In The Implementation of Compensation For Land Acquisition

M. Roesli, Asep Heri, Siti Rahayu
2017 Yurisdiksi: Jurnal Wacana Hukum dan Sains  
The enactment of the Bas ic Agrarian Law in Indones ia creates dualis m in land law that is s ourced fro m cus tomary law and on wes tern la w. The Bas ic Agrarian La w ends the dualis m and creates the unification of our national land la w. In the cons ideration of the Bas ic Agrarian La w it is s tated that the need for a national agrarian law, bas ed on cus tomary law on land. In addition, article 5 of Bas ic Agrarian La w s tates that national land law is customary la w; it indicates a func
more » ... it indicates a func tional relations hip between customary la w and national land law. In the development of national land law, cus tomary la w s erves as a prima ry s ource in taking the neces sary materials . Re lated to pos itive national law of land, cus tomary law norms s erve as comple mentary la ws . In s olving the problem, the author us es a sociological jurid ical problem approach to des cribe and analyze proble ms bas ed on legal provis ions and legal facts prevailing in the wider co mmunity. The res ults is then clas s ified and materia l tha t can be us ed as to solve problems is determined .
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