Nazisploitation Films: Hermeneutic Analysis

2018 Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research  
The article uses examples of specific feature films of Nazisploitation for a hermeneutic analysis of cultural context -a study of the process of interpreting the media text, cultural and historical factors influencing the point of view of the agency/author of the media text and the view of the audience. At the same time, the author means that hermeneutical analysis implies comprehension of the media text through comparison with historical, cultural tradition and reality; penetration into its
more » ... ic; through comparison of media images in the historical and cultural context, combining historical, hermeneutical analysis with structural, narrative, ethical, ideological, iconographic/visual, analysis of media stereotypes and characters of the media text.
doi:10.13187/jincfar.2018.2.53 fatcat:ktxmkkuranctferlqim5smi42a