2021 STRATEGIES XXI - Security and Defense Faculty  
It was unimaginable for a non-professional user that access data to personal e-mail, bank or identity accounts could be stolen via a mobile phone interface or connection, no more than twenty years ago. Nowadays, people with bad intentions – hacker – can use smart devices, such as: webcams, microwaves, refrigerators, door controllers, and others, generically we named it IoT[1], to access accounts like the ones mentioned above, without much effort. The Internet of Things is the place where
more » ... are digitally interconnected, interacts with almost every domain. IoT development is closely correlated with growing of Internet. These issues have generated an unprecedented upward trend in Wi-Fi and IoT interconnecting networks. Cyber-security has gained new meanings because of the increasing number and scope of IoT devices. By developing these devices, especially among regular users, it is necessary to improve their security more than ever. How prepared are regular users and how can they protect themselves in the context of IoT penetration into their daily lives? it is a question that needs to be answered, in terms of the actions it can take immediately or in the long run. [1] IoT - Internet of Things
doi:10.53477/2668-2001-21-36 fatcat:tvnos456xbhofejijjk3wqqavy