Silicon carbide sintered by magnesium additive: role of pores

Jingkun Li, Xueping Ren, Yanling Zhang, Hongliang Hou
2020 Journal of Materials Research and Technology  
Pages 5 j m a t e r r e s t e c h n o l . 2 0 2 0;x x x(x x):xxx-xxx w w w . j m r t . c o m . b r Available online xxx Keywords: Sintering Pore Grain growth Densification mechanism a b s t r a c t Silicon carbide ceramics were prepared by hot press sintering using Mg additive. Pores are observed on boundaries between particles, grains, and substructures. The microstructures and pores in the ceramics were observed. Results show that pores between particles mainly located on boundaries along the
more » ... oundaries along the major axis of elongated particles. Micronecks formed between particles in the initial stage, which divide voids between particles into micropores. The initial micronecks and pores are generous to distribute along the major axis of elongated particles. Pores shrunk in the intermediate stage then coarsened. Equiaxed nanopores are formed on grain boundaries between abnormal growth grains and normal grains. Elongated nanopores are formed adjacent to high-density defects.
doi:10.1016/j.jmrt.2020.04.041 fatcat:eyzwt2bfbvhxnbyot7sqplf6yy