Initiation mechanism of pulsed surface flashover along silicon in vacuum by pre-breakdown conduction and photon emission

S.H. Nam, T.S. Sudarshan
7th Pulsed Power Conference  
Pre-breakdown (leakage) and breakdown currents and photon-emission associated with the currents, under impulse (0.36!10 IJ-S) voltage stress, along high purity (p>30 KQ em) silicon, with and without gold end contacts in vacuum (-lQ-6 Torr), are discussed. Three distinct phases leading to the breakdown condition are observed. These are one-carrier (hole) leakage current, two-carrier (electrons and holes) current, and complete surface flashover processes. The onset of photon-emission coincides
more » ... ission coincides with the onset of two-carrier current. The temporally resolved one-carrier leakage current (ohmic or charge injection dominated) and photon-emission data show that there is a certain threshold leakage current which initiates the rest of the processes.
doi:10.1109/ppc.1989.767498 fatcat:zmhiqzlasnfv5pou6wjx6uwxlq