Automatic Assessment of Buildings Location Fitness for Solar Panels Installation Using Drones and Neural Network

Ammar Alzarrad, Chance Emanuels, Mohammad Imtiaz, Haseeb Akbar
2021 CivilEng  
Solar panel location assessment is usually a time-consuming manual process, and many criteria should be taken into consideration before deciding. One of the most significant criteria is the building location and surrounding environment. This research project aims to propose a model to automatically identify potential roof spaces for solar panels using drones and convolutional neural networks (CNN). Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are used to identify buildings' roofs from drone imagery.
more » ... nsfer learning on the CNN is used to classify roofs of buildings into two categories of shaded and unshaded. The CNN is trained and tested on separate imagery databases to improve classification accuracy. Results of the current project demonstrate successful segmentation of buildings and identification of shaded roofs. The model presented in this paper can be used to prioritize the buildings based on the likelihood of getting benefits from switching to solar energy. To illustrate an implementation of the presented model, it has been applied to a selected neighborhood in the city of Hurricane in West Virginia. The research results show that the proposed model can assist investors in the energy and building sectors to make better and more informed decisions.
doi:10.3390/civileng2040056 fatcat:pkfj3ijaird5tjoji3wzz6nlsy