Release of Nitrogenous Substances by Brewer's Yeast IV. Energetics in Shock Excretion of Amino Acids

M. J. Lewis, H. J. Phaff
1965 Journal of Bacteriology  
LEwis, M. J. (University of California, Davis), AND H. J. PHAFF. Release of nitrogenous substances by brewer's yeast. IV. Energetics in shock excretion of amino acids. J. Bacteriol. 89:960-966. 1965.-When suitably grown yeast cells are suspended in a solution of fermentable sugar, amino acids from the internal pool are rapidly released from the cells, a phenomenon referred to as shock excretion. After approximately 2 to 3 hr, in the presence of excess sugar, the amino acids are almost
more » ... reabsorbed. This observation has been further studied with particular reference to the energyyielding reactions of the cell. It has been established that amino acid release increases more rapidly with a rise in incubation temperature than does fermentation rate. Amino acid release cannot be inhibited by the common uncouplers of adenosine triphosphate synthesis (azide, arsenate, or 2,4-dinitrophenol) at concentrations adequate to prevent
doi:10.1128/jb.89.4.960-966.1965 fatcat:kvwgf2qemrdxtonr42t4nbi3ee