Applications of Ultrasound in the Resection of Brain Tumors

Rahul Sastry, Wenya Linda Bi, Steve Pieper, Sarah Frisken, Tina Kapur, William Wells, Alexandra J. Golby
2016 Journal of Neuroimaging  
Neurosurgery makes use of pre-operative imaging to visualize pathology, inform surgical planning, and evaluate the safety of selected approaches. The utility of pre-operative imaging for neuronavigation, however, is diminished by the well characterized phenomenon of brain shift, in which the brain deforms intraoperatively as a result of craniotomy, swelling, gravity, tumor resection, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage, and many other factors. As such, there is a need for updated intraoperative
more » ... nformation that accurately reflects intraoperative conditions. Since 1982, intraoperative ultrasound has allowed neurosurgeons to craft and update operative plans without ionizing radiation exposure or major workflow interruption. Continued evolution of ultrasound technology since its introduction has resulted in superior imaging quality, smaller probes, and more seamless integration with neuronavigation systems. Furthermore, the introduction of related imaging modalities, such as 3-dimensional ultrasound, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, highfrequency ultrasound, and ultrasound elastography have dramatically expanded the options available to the neurosurgeon intraoperatively. In the context of these advances, we review the current state, potential, and challenges of intraoperative ultrasound for brain tumor resection. We begin by evaluating these ultrasound technologies and their relative advantages and disadvantages. We then review three specific applications of these ultrasound technologies to brain tumor resection: (1) intraoperative navigation, (2) assessment of extent of resection, and (3) brain shift monitoring and compensation. We conclude by identifying opportunities for future directions in the development of ultrasound technologies.
doi:10.1111/jon.12382 pmid:27541694 pmcid:PMC5226862 fatcat:xc2h4pua6fclhde35eyozzbjvi