The three primary colors of mobile systems

Hui Liu, Zhiyong Chen, Liang Qian
2016 IEEE Communications Magazine  
In this paper, we present the notion of "mobile 3C systems in which the "Communications", "Computing", and "Caching" (i.e., 3C) make up the three primary resources/funcationalties, akin to the three primary colors, for a mobile system. We argue that in future mobile networks, the roles of computing and caching are as intrinsic and essential as communications, and only the collective usage of these three primary resources can support the sustainable growth of mobile systems. By defining the 3C
more » ... sources in their canonical forms, we reveal the important fact that "caching" affects the mobile system performance by introducing non-causality into the system, whereas "computing" achieves capacity gains by performing logical operations across mobile system entities. Many existing capacity-enhancing techniques such as coded multicast, collaborative transmissions, and proactive content pushing can be cast into the native 3C framework for analytical tractability. We further illustrate the mobile 3C concepts with practical examples, including a system on broadcast-unicast convergence for massive media content delivery. The mobile 3C design paradigm opens up new possibilities as well as key research problems bearing academic and practice significance.
doi:10.1109/mcom.2016.7565182 fatcat:5zw2bzo53nctfphedrzo2ygpbi