Towards A Distributed Federated Brain Architecture using Cognitive IoT Devices

Dinesh Verma, Graham Bent, Ian Taylor
Cognitive Computer Systems (CCS) like IBM Watson implement a brain-like system in a centralized location. Limitations of current networks and organization structure necessitate the development of a distributed cognitive system, in effect a distributed federated brain. This distributed federated brain is composed of the different types of devices in the system, ranging from hand-held devices at the edge of the network to large systems in the cloud. It needs to demonstrate the properties of
more » ... properties of resilience, proactivity, agility and collaboration. In this vision, we discuss the factors that drive the need for the distributed brain, its technical requirements, and propose an architecture to attain the concept of a distributed brain for military coalition operations. We provide a roadmap that can attain this vision, moving intelligence from a centralized cloud location to a distributed collection of smart devices which are connected together using a cognitive Internet of Things technology.