The Implementation of Problem-Based Learning to Improve Students' Competence in Writing Research Proposal in English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Andalas University

Edria Sandika, Ferdinal Ferdinal
2021 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Educational Development and Quality Assurance, ICED-QA 2019, 11 September 2019, Padang, Indonesia   unpublished
This paper provides an exploration of the implementation of problem-based learning in a third-year literary research methodscourse with 44 (8 Male and 36 female) students, focusing on the factors that may increase or hinder its effectiveness. The research follows a qualitative approach by examining a case study to gain insight into the participants' experience. Data were collected through surveys, interviews and observation, and analyzed with qualitative and quantitative data analysis
more » ... . This research was conducted in two cycles, each of which consists of four stages of planning, action, observation and reflection. The outcomes of the study indicate that the main strengths of the course were teamwork, self-directed learning, continual assessment, practical approach,while the main weaknesses were the disorientation experienced by the students at the start of the problems and the uneven participation of group members in the group tasks. From our experience, we can conclude that PBL adapts well to a practical approach towards learning structures. The main shortcomings identified have been associated with poor implementation of certain key PBL principles. Improvement actions should aim at (a) reinforcing the tutor's role and (b) paying greater attention to the learning process.
doi:10.4108/eai.11-9-2019.2298479 fatcat:x2xnwmgsajcofaumjqykn2ush4