Medical computer vision, virtual reality and robotics

Nicholas Ayache
1995 Image and Vision Computing  
The automated analysis of 3D medical images can improve both diagnosis and therapy significantly. This automation raises a number of new fascinating research problems in the fields of computer vision, graphics and robotics. In this paper, I propose a list of such problems after a review of the current major 3D imaging modalities, and a description of the related medical needs. I then present some of the past and current work done in our research group EPIDAURE* at INRIA, on the following
more » ... segmentation of 3D images; 3D shape modelling; 3D rigid and nonrigid registration; 3D motion analysis; and 3D simulation of therapy. Most topics are discussed in a synthetic manner, and illustrated by results. Rigid matching is treated more thoroughly as an illustration of a transfer from computer vision towards 3D image processing. The later topics are illustrated by preliminary results, and a number of promising research tracks are suggested.
doi:10.1016/0262-8856(95)99717-f fatcat:r2on35nba5ap7h2ojxa4zfrf64