Complexes of cobalt (II) halides with aromatic amines [thesis]

Michael Lawrence Rooney
The complexes of cobalt(ll) halides and cobalt(ll) thiocyanate with several aromatic amines have been prepared. The stereochemistry of the metal in each complex in the solid-state has been assigned. These assignments have been made using evidence from absorption spectra, magnetic moments, infra-red spectra and thermogravimetric analysis (in one instance). The complexes of the halides are all tetrahedral monomers while those of the thiocyanate are octahedral polymers. Ethanol and water adducts
more » ... ve been isolated in some instances. The solution chemistry of the complexes has been investigated using electrical conductance measurements and absorption spectros copy. Stereochemical equilibria have been considered in some detail. Evidence has been found for extensive dissociation of the complexes in the more polar solvents. Some evidence has been found for variation in ligand field strength depending upon the substituent in the para position of the amine. Such variation appears to be very small.
doi:10.26190/unsworks/10618 fatcat:ph3lkdnfzfeingl4o4cyunpxny