Comparison of the Marginal and Internal Gap of Metal Coping according to Processing Method of Dental CAD/CAM System
치과 캐드캠 시스템의 가공 방식에 따른 금속 코핑의 적합도 비교

Dong-Yeon Kim, Jin-Hun Jeon, Jin-Young Park, Ji-Hwan Kim, Hae-Young Kim, Woong-Chul Kim
2015 Journal of dental hygiene science  
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the marginal and internal gap of metal coping fabricated using additive manufacturing (AM) group and subtractive manufacturing (SM) group by dental computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. Twenty same cases of stone models of abutment teeth 16 by the universal numbering system were manufactured and scanned. Ten metal copings of control group were fabricated using SM and ten metal coping of experimental group were
more » ... roup were fabricated using AM. Marginal and internal gap of copings were measured using the silicone replica technique and digital microscope (×140). The data were analyzed using IBM SPSS 21.0 Statistical Software for independent samples t-test (=0.05). Mean± standard deviation (SD) of marginal and internal gap total size of SM group was 101.00±40.33 m of AM group was 83.61±40.37 m. Mean±SD of marginal and internal gap total size of SM group was significantly greater than that of AM group (p<0.05). This study showed that AM metal copings had a better marginal and internal gap than SM metal copings.
doi:10.17135/jdhs.2015.15.1.12 fatcat:s5as7dvrardrvndkrvpdjzuokq